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You are the best ! We love your music , we want to buy more !
We saw you and your friend down in the Keys about 20 years ago . We bought some.of your CDs, and we would like more. You are GREAT !!! Thank you ,keep me on your EMail. Thanks. Jim and Mary Beth Walz
Miss you in the Keys.....still play your music all the time.....not the same in KW since you left.
Go to Key West every year , missed you last 4 years .. I love all your songs. And if you're back in Key West I want to know. Fishing you were here .....you the best girl !
Love the site.
Where are you playing now? A friend lives in Windsor and would love to hear you. I lived in GP Woods - now N. Ft. Myers and would love to hear you when you're down in this area. Will that be any time soon? Heard about you from Chris/Bob Kozak.
Just when we were getting tired of looking at your old site with "news" from 2011 - EUREKA - you're back! Miss you, miss you, miss you! Hope everything is looking up for you!
So wonderful to meet you at The Ardmore Park Place! You're a grand addition to the their entertainment line up. Will see you again on a Friday night, very soon. Such a talent!
Lenore, We sure miss you, trips to Key West are just not the same without you!!
My friend introduced me your music and now I am a big fan of you and your music. We are planning a short visit to Key West in the next summer time and I hope we can attend any of your music concerts. check our site www.qspray.com
Hello from North Carolina Lenore. Jan and Bobby
Tonight I heard you for the first time on Jango. I now have a new favorite female vocalist. I informed my wife your CDs are now on my Christmas list. Thanks for the great music!
We have been comeing to Key West for quite a few years .and when you are ther we always come to see and hear you perform.We have always loved all of your music,and now I see that you have a new album. Have to get soon!Please let us know when you will be preforming in Key West again, and please consider comeing to our home town of Denver, Col;orado. Sending you pleasant Thoughts,Glenn & Kevin
it was really great meeting you,i really like your stuff...all the tracks are great...one love.
dear lenore, it was nice going through your music. i'm sure you make many people long for the tropics. thanks again for all. david
Hey girl where are you going to renter The ARENA, , I know We''ll Think Of Something, Maybe Lets Start It Over,, your not the one to Let The First Time be The last Time,, You're Gonna Run The Show....and definitely no Guilt Trip. Early fans will get this. KW misses you.
Where are you entertaining May 27 2012?
Hi Lenore: I was in the Florida Keys on a scuba diving trip in 1991.After our afternoon dive we went to a place I think by the name of Sunset Bay.You came on the deck and performed,it was so relaxing and your music and voice captivated me.I did talk with you after you finished ,I don't expect you to remember lol but you took the time to chat for a bit.I bought your cassatte at that time and still have it.So happy to hear that you are still performing,would love to go back to the Keys sometime. Anyways just wanted to say hello and keep up the great entertainment...bye bye for now :) Tom
Hi Lenore!! Greetings again from a, erm, not so warm England...... just listened to the track from the new album, and LOVE it!!! Hope to be back in the Conch Republic soon, and so look forward to seeing you, and hearing more of your beautiful tunes ... happy Thanksgiving :)
I googled you to see if you had any more CDs. Got to tell you, 10 years ago, my sister gave me your Jetset to Sunset CD. I just loved the sentiment and felt it completely. I retired at 55 and headed South cruising and now live in the Dominican Republic... Thanks to Jetset to Sunset.
Greetings from Delaware! The last time I wrote in your guestbook was October 27, 2006, so it's time to say Hi again. I retired from teaching and live a few miles from Rehoboth Beach. Glad to see you are still enjoying sucess in the music business. One of these days I'll have to get back to the Keys to see you. Until then take care and enjoy.. Ingrid says Hi.
Love the new song and video!! Another hit for sure!
Hi Lenore-Not sure if you remember us but we sure remember you with such happiness of our Key West trips! So happy to find you and know you are there. We are coming down for MOTM and will def be looking you up to catch up! If you don't remember us, you may remember our dog Babe-who we always had with us.Sadly, we lost our precious girl last year--still miss her every day!! We still have our little man Toby!See you soon!!!
Lenore, tried reaching you.....My Scottie died on Sunday, 8/14/11
Really loved being in the front row for your terrific "Jazz in the Gardens" yesterday! Cool, tropical venue and awsome trio you lead!! Can't wait to see you again!!
Hi Lenore, Its been several years since my partner and I were last in EYW. I was paying my Discover bill today, and just had to play the Millionaire Song! Glad to see you are still working Duval, and we can't wait to come back to see and hear you.
We love to spend the Sunday evenings with you at the Garden during our annual winter Holiday in the Keys. You really are a special person! You and Kate make our vacations memorable.
We love to listen to you in KW on Sunday nights at the Garden. We are winter people who hate to head North but you give us something wonderful to think about when we are not here. Thanks for making our Holiday even more special!
Hi Lenore, When are you coming back to New Hope?
25 years later ... Love the tropical beat ... takes me a long way from Connecticut!
Hi Lenore, You are phenomenal! It is an honour and a pleasure to have met you that night you let me "sit in" with your group at Key West . Larry and I are talking about another trip down in November because we loved it so much! Keep in touch!:)<3
WOW!! We go to Key West and the Keys every year and found Conch Radio. How did we miss you. Wow, you are fantastic. As fellow New Yorkers we are Freshwater Conchs. We would love to see you live, keep Troppin!!
Hi Aunt Lenore!! My boyfriend and I just booked a trip to Key West from May 19-23, right after I graduate from law school!!!! I hope you will be there then!! Hope all is well and give my love to everyone :)
hi lenore, hope every thing is going well for you , i have missed your happy smile, and listen to your cd often, have a very merry christmas, if i ever return to the keys you can bet on your life i will look you up, spence.
Lenore, In the early 90's I lived on a balloon boat in Key West. When we made it back in town you would be on the pier waving to the boat. I would always make my way down to see you perform. Your music remains true as a gift to all of us that have been able to meet you and feel you sing. Thank you for being such a gift to many people.
Hey Lenny! How are you!? I hope you're well. I just heard from a friend yesterday that told me her friends met you over the weekend and thought you were great. I guess one is a bass player. Sorry I don't know their names. I'm trying hard to get down there with Donna in a few weeks for 3 days, a little birthday getaway for her. My friends Dave and Sheri Cross are down there this week and will be looking for you. ( Oh ..Paradise just came on! I always loved the way we did that!) So I hope to see you in a few weeks! I look forward to seeing you! By the way, I still think you should do a smooth jazz cd with alll your past jazz tunes plus some new ones. It would be great!!
Lenore, thank you for making Fantasy Fest 2010 the best ever! Your song for the skit The Anti-Depressants was absolutely hysterical! I was thrilled when we got a standing ovation at The Mascarade Ball...then you topped it all by winning 1st place at Pretenders!!! Astounding!!! between your song and Teri Johnston's costume creation of pill bottles...we were untouchable! Thank you for sharing such an amazing experience!!!!!
Lenore, you made Fantasy Fest 2010 the best ever! Being a part of The Anti-Depressants skit was PRICELESS!!!! I still smile as I hear your creative song in my head. I thought the standing ovation at the Mascarade Ball was amazing....but then...you go and win 1st place at Pretenders!!!! Wow!! what a memory!!!
Hi Lenore Looking forward to seeing you in Nov. Your friends from Pa
Thank-you for making my first time visit to the Keys a special one. Still not smoking.
Love all the photos, womens fest was a blast, I'll never forget. It really is one human family, just beatiful magic in the air, such nautical vibes with your music. And you and the Paino OMG. Hope to see ya soon, Love Caroyn Duey and Gang NAUTICAL VIBES
What an awesome time seeing you again playing the paino n Key West. It always put's a smile on my face. Let me know were you would like the photo's of you on the paino and of course with Pooh (Lynn)..
My partner and I are looking foreward to seeing you at Womanfest this Sept. Still not smoking. Maureen from PA. Remember Stockten Inn,NJ.
Great update to your web site....love the music medley and the array of pics! Fabulous!!!!
Hey....................Great news, we will be coming for the entire month of November + the last 3 days of October!! - (Cant miss Fantasy Fest) - Can't wait to see you! :)
Hi Lenore, Great to see that you're gigging in Key West! I've been planning a visit with my nieces to go snorkeling, so I'll be sure we come to see you play. Maybe I'll bring my fretless to the jam session. :-) Your personal recording engineer, Al
We hope your trip is grand and can't wait to see pics. We missed you ceratinly as KW is not the same without you. You will be Happy to know Jeri and Glenda took good care of us. Til next year. Jan & Gang
Hi and hugs Lenore, from an unusally hot England!! Just watched the video of you performing 'Sand Dancing' on Smathers Beach for the 'Hands in the Sand' event...... wow, it brought home to me just how much I miss being in KW, and just how beautiful nature is....... I pray that there is an end to the tragedy that has been wreaked upon mother earth..... And missing my Lisa more than words can say.... Sending good energies to you and yours, and I hope to be back soon - the lure of margaritas, my second home and sand dancing is always calling out to me..... C xxx
The updated page looks awesome! Hurry up with that new CD....
Hey Lenore, We will miss you this year at Pride Weekend in New Hope, PA - May 14-16th. Hope you can come back and play for us again soon!
So Lenore it seems that the conch shell blowing contest has come and gone. I have seen an line that the new winner has actually used my old tunebto WOW everyone, Flight of the bumble bee...I wonder if he canbdo Salt Peanuts?
I thought it was about time I join the fan club:). You really pur on a great show at Pearls! You Rock!!
WOW! You are busy this month!! Good for you! Knock 'em dead Lenny!
Hi Lenore - Vik and Sandy from Detroit are heading down to KW 20 Feb 10. I hope you still have my diamond ring (from Jared''s of course!!) that you stole in 2006 and illegally took into Canada!!! hahaha BTW- the only sand dancing we'll be doing in MIchigan this week is when we throw it under our tires for traction in the snow!!! UGH - let me win the lottery puhleeeeeeeeeze!!!!
Hello, your music is great Lenore. I hope you come out with some more. rcspammer@gmail.com
Hi Lenore - just a quick line to say how much we enjoyed you at the LaTeDa just before the New Year - we are the Irish couple that people were surprised to see ! That "Sand Dancin' should be a worldwide hit - it's a gem.Thanks for the album which brings back memories of our Key West Xmas ! Hope you have a happy and successful 2010 and give us a call if you are ever in Ireland .I'm a musician and singer also - checkout www.myspace.com/tomjhoran best wishes Tom & Eve Horan
Lenore, WE have loved your music since we first saw you at the Looe Key Tiki bar back in the 90's! Keep up the great work! P.S. you have a beautiful voice!
Love all my new CD's of your music, your the best!!!
Just watched the Mistletoe Madness clips from your extra page, and loved them. The presents were beautiful, the singers melodious but most of all the lady in the jester hat was marvelous. Sorry we couldn't be there. MA
Hope you got a copy of your xmas cd for me/us.
Lenore-Thank-you for dedicating your song, "Its time to live again, " to me. It really meet a lot to me. I enjoyed both of your performances, one at the Playhouse in New Hope and the one at The Stockton Inn in NJ. The CD you produced is good to. I look foreward to seeing you again in PA. Keep singing, Maureen Sonderschafer
Hi Lenore, and a belated happy Thanksgiving!!! Will be escaping the cold & grey of England to spend almost 4 weeks with my lovely Lisa in KW from December 29th - will definitely be coming along to hear your wonderful music whilst I'm back in my 2nd home. Until then, I'll keep on 'Sand Dancing' :) xoxo
Just listened to you for the first time.I really like your music and your style.Keep on playing
Lenore-You are my most famous student-I feel vindicated! Seriously, this is really very musical, rhythmically exciting and listenable. Estás viviendo la vida loca, chica-verdad! Besos y abrazos, Don Federico
You just topped our evening off, last night, while at La Te Da's! You go girl!!! We stayed after Christopher's show. Had a very enjoyable evening. Thanks for the Great Performance. You topped our evening out, last night! Terry & Erika
Hey Lenore, November 17 is getting closer! Can't wait for you to be up in New Hope, PA @ the Bucks County Playhouse for the Embraceable You Project Premiere!
Just wanted to let you know, how much we enjoyed listening to your music, especially, last night at the Garden Hotel. Your RV Buddies, Terry & Erika
We had an excellent time last night at the Garden Hotel. Thanks again.....(New Zealander). You made our week!
going do to the keys in a few weeks. hoping to see you
Lenore!!!!.....GREAT site!!!....headin' up to Jersey for ten days, but will DEFINITELY see you on the 20th at "Schooners" with Marty......Who Loves ya Baby!!!..
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Lenore!
Happy Birthday!
Enjoyed the radio interview and Cuba pictures... looking forward to celebrating your birthday this weekend!
Hey Girl! We had a blast meeting you. It is a shame it was our last night, that is the way it always seems to work. In case you don't remember, we are Joanna and Scott's friends from Pa. Also thanks for the tour of Cuba. We will keep watching your schedule to see when you will be up this way.
Thanks for this link. My best friend Diana and I are gonna try to come to Key West to see you. We are gonna have a best friends week 9/12-9/20 and try to spend 1 night down there. Now that we have your schedule, I hope we'll see you soon
It was great to see you again. A week in paradise goes by so fast. We have decided we just have fun too quickly! Sitting on the beach with you and your gang was delightful. We really loved the Friday night Aqua and catching up with everybody. The Saturday La-Te-Da was just like we remembered and Sunday Gardens event was spectacular. We really enjoyed you in all these different venues and hearing you in person is always the ticket. Did you make the Today Show? We are really looking forward to that next CD! Come to Raleigh it's only 95 here! til next time. Jan and Gang
Just saw your cousin Bobby, just thought I'd drop a line & say hello. I came down to Jacksonville to visit my daughter. Jim
Hi Lenore, and greetings from a not - so warm England!! It was great to meet you again in KW, Lisa and I LOVED seeing and hearing you at the Garden Hotel and Aqua - awesome music, as always! Hope to come and 'Sand Dance' to your beautiful live music again very soon :)
Where does one begin to say what has not already been said? Like so many others, I feel that Key West and Lenore are one in the same. Get tired of the Duval Crawl, and it is so wonderful to have a place to sit and listen to such talent. The only time I have had the pleasure of seeing you in person, I was chosen to come up and play the bongos in a "band". It was such a hoot! Not many times does one buy a CD for one song they have heard and find that the whole CD was really a treat. Thank you for the music and the island breezes and memories you bring to the snowy days here in Indiana. Am coming back down at the end of August. Hope you will be SOMEWHERE performing. PS I wrote Ellen and told her she needed to have you sing on her show.
I finally had a chance to view your website and I LOVE IT! You are quite the busy lady..(whew!) I get tired just reading your schedule! I cannot wait to see your beautiful face next time I see you at HD..your friend, Edwardo
Haven't seen you since grade school in Pelham, NY. God Bless
Cindy & I are headed for Pearls for a 8 days starting Saturday and are excited that we will be able to see you at Aqua on Friday the 22nd! We can't wait to Run for the Sun!! See you soon!
What a great and pleasant surprise to see that you are enjoying such a successful career ... You won't remember me but I interviewed you and Cathy Grier for a feature story in the Meriden Record-Journal back around 1982. I thought you and Cathy were sensational and consider your debut album among my favorites. I had no idea you were still performing and am anxious to purchase your CDs. I wish you continued success. Peter
Just stopping by to see if i know betty cretara.
I rarely comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great Blog!!
Dear Lenore, I'm so thrilled to hear you are still performing - and love your "island style" so much I had to order the CD's asap - can't wait for their arrival. Too bad KW is so far away from NY! I can't believe we first saw you (and Cathy) perform back in 1980 or 1981 down on Bleecker Street in NYC! Loved you then and still love your music now! While the styles have changed, the talent has only become more refined, distinct and pure! Keep it comin for your fans (and cousins) back in NY! Cindy (Daugter of MaryLou King)
Hi there, Happy to find you on the web. Drop me a note, would be glad to hear from you. How is Mom and Dad?
Lets speak about jazz and post links to most popular sites of jazz music. Here is my favorite: http://jazz-risioja.blogspot.com/
Just returned to Massachusett after 2 weeks KW purchsed acouple of your CD! Love the music! love the lyrics as well! Thank you
As a former resident of the Key West I listen to you all the time. I'm coming down for the big Birthday and hope you will be playing the first week of Feb. The schedule didn't have any Feb. dates. Phyllis
just wanted to say hey.can't wait you see you and Betty. it was great just spending time with the two of you. hoping to get Pam to go to key west this year. take care and talk to you soon. your KY. friend Linda
Hola Lenore! Just checking your schedule to see if you'll be back in Key West over the next few weeks, we're heading back down. Key West is not the same without you, we both remember the last time we saw you, I think it was Thanksgiving weekend of '05, La-Te-Da was quiet and we had that "all request show" (Remember "Cheffie"? what a piece of work SHE was) Happy Holidaze!
Are you still performing in Key West? 'Cause this old elementary school teacher from Texas is planning a return visit to the island, and it just would't be the same without you.
Hey Lenore, Am glad to see you are still at it. I'm back in Texas, and when I want to feel the breeze of the Keys, I pop in one of your CDs. Are you still in Key West? There are so many websites with your name on them that I am not sure. If I were to visit, could I find you performing on the island? Or would I have to settle for Debra and Patrick? That's not a bad thing. I am teaching Language Arts to fourth graders in a very small town, about 40 miles from where I live in Texas(but I grew up in the country, and am accustomed to having to drive long distances), so it is not a real issue. There's a couple of Starbuck's en route. However, I did recently acquire a CD that I tried to find, while on the island. One that featured keyboards, by a country-blues artist named Tracy Nelson (happyday)which i thought might be a good cover for you...still love your original stuff, tho. Anyhow, I am here, listening to her, and planning a vacation there in the summer of 2009. I am wondering if u might be performing somewhere on the island then. Promise I won't live up to the moniker they gave me at Alice's, my wife wouldn't be too happy with me, if I did, bbut I'd sure like to introcduce her to you in person. She's been a real trooper in regards to most of my tastes in music. forever a fan, diane
Hi Lenore: Back from the Land down under! Cheers Chris
Just wanted to say I think you are absolutely fab. Theresa and I just adore you. Lots of love Susan
Was great talking with you! Hope the Rv is reving up for you. You look great!! Saw the Kentucky gig wow that looks fun, wish we could come crash it!
Hi Lenore, the "girls from Colorado" had a great time listening to you at the Wine Gallery over the weekend (and even Aqua :-)). Thank you for putting a smile on our faces, we look forward to seeing you again. Kathie and Nancy
As a former resident of Key West I really enjoyed the "Sand Dancing" Hoping to make it back to the Keys again and see you performing.
Hi Lenore, just saw on your schedule that you are coming to KY November 8th which is great news for those of us in the Louisville area. We’ve been to several vineyard concerts at Equus Run and they are always fun. Just send me an email with the vineyard name as I don’t want to miss the event! Most weekends I fill my backyard (as well as my neighbors’ backyards) with your music and I know they will love joining you at the vineyard too. PS: I’m the sister of Denise Winnett (7/7/08 entry) and your music was a great birthday gift. Looking forward to seeing you in the Bluegrass state! Vet
So great to see you back performing in the Sunshine State and more specifically..Key West! Bob and I hope to return to Florida for the winter and spend at least some of our time in Key West. Look forward to seeing you perform again. I plan on checking your schedule often. You're the best!
Loved the new pictures, makes me feel like I am back home.
WOW! It was great to see you in KW...we missed you so very much. The afternoon at Pearl's was like you were playing just to us! We are glad that all worked out. KW is even better when you are there! Hope to see you in NC Soon. Jan & Gang
Hi Lenore, I received 5 of your CDs for my birthday from my sister! Would like to share the note that she enclosed with the CDs...She writes.. "I don't know if you remember this or not, but approximately eight or ten years ago you gave me this cassette and said 'you're really going to love this music from the KEY WEST Women!' You were right. I really did love this music..all three song! I swore if I ever found this group I would buy every thing they had!. So many years of grilling anyone going to-coming from or thinking about Key West and music, I finally found the artist. And I did buy every CD the artist, Lenora Troia made! In fact, I bought two of every one. Hope you enjoy her music as much as I have over the years!" My friends and I have celebrated my birthday weekend with your music! Thanks to my sister and you for a fun filled music weekend!!!!!
Hi Lenore: I moved down to the lower keys this year and heard your version of Seminole Wind on 104.1. I called Jamin Jim and he gave me your name and web site. I don't think it is possible for this song to be sung any better. Please let me know how to get a copy of it. Thanks Lang
Still following you, Lenore, after ohhhhh 15 years? Come to Chattanooga. Riverbend next June? Will send your songs to that committee. The man I married last Sept has a Lhasa!!! LOVE YOU and your songs. Mary Jo
Hi, Been a fan since I first heard you in Bowie, MD around 1983. Have your first album. Love the song "Feminine Neurotic" and play it all the time. Will you record it again?
HI friend, Hope you are doing well, I think of you often, I am here taking care of my dad, he has been in the hospital and now at home. I am still playing, hope all is well. Love,Bev
Hola Lenore! It was great to have met you at Corona Cigar Bar and hope to see you and Laura again!
Just returned to my country after touring many, many places that you have played. So many peoples have asked if we should do a reunited tour. Can you contact my people?
Hello! simply super!
We attended the Cabaret in Northampton at the old South Street School Auditorium. It was great fun! Thanks Ted and Chris
Hi Lenore and Mark: What a pleasant surprise to see that you were playing at the Oceanview the night before we headed home for NYS. It was great to see you and what a nice concert you put on for us. We truly enjoyed it. Hope to see you again when we're in the Keys.
Hi...Don't know if you remember me...you did a wedding for me at the Reach and the Hyatt a few years ago. I will be in Key Largo this weekend...Hope to see you at either Sundowners or Snappers
Lenore I am living in woodstock Ny right next to Kingston. Wish to Come to show -maube tech- support -any service at all. I am doing VERY well. 4 grandghildren a wonderful husband. still have Keys Cell # 305 395 1837 also land line 845 679 45445. what can i do to serve ? xoxo rOBIN hALFMOON
Great to see your web site. Still listening to your great songs remembering our Key West vacations.
Hi Lenore, Just got a hold of dave Feder and brought back old memories. I don't knoew if you remember in the early days in the Keys. I did the photo of you for your CD cover. Those were great times glad to see all is well for you! Kenny
Lenore- i don't know whether or not you will remember me -I bought your CD's for years for my store, played them everyday for 8 years after meeting you in Key West. My store is in detroit lakes minnesota and I actually tried to get you there once - it didn't work our at that time. My husband and I bought a home in orlando to get away from winters as I have a full time manager now. We are planning a trip to the keys and I was looking up your schedule only to find you will be in New York. I have always loved your stuff, its so "happy" made everyone in my store want to party. I may have to order some more CD's someday. I created my own Lenore "Groupies" Let me know if you do another CD. I still keep your picture on my store bulletin board from the pier when you had your dog, 1995 I think, Nice to see your still doing great work. Ginny Stephens Style Station Boutique 813 washington avenue Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 218 846 1817 website:ginnysstylestatiinboutique.com
Hey Lenore! It was great to see you in "paradise" again. You are very much missed. Take care. hugs.....T
Hey Lenore! This is the guy from Atlantic City, NJ. Haven't been down to Key West in several years. Can you reply to my eiamil address? I have a question for you!
Hi Lenore! I can remember seeing you perform at the Quay in Key Largo when I was about 2 or 3 years old, dancing away the whole time :) Have been singing "Save Paradise" for the past two weeks and wearing out my copy of Jetset to Sunset. Hopefully will see you at Sundowners this week!
Will be in Key West the weekend of February 8-10, where are you performing, my husband and I are huge fans. Moved and haven't seen you since 2000.
Glad to find you again. Its been a few years since we last saw you in KW
very good , useful site www.lenoretroia.com
We're coming to the keys from the 7th to the 11th of January. I hope you are playing so we can come hear you. Art Colabella, Hoffmans Marina, NJ
will you ever offer some sheet music of your songs? Merry Christmas! Fans from Illinois
I used to live in Key West and your name sounds familiar. I got your web site off of the Women Fest 2007. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless!
After seeing you at the Pier House I downloaded about 11 of your tunes from itunes. It's like I am back home again. I love it.Thinking of packing the van and moving back down there.
Lenore!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sent your site out to everyone I know. Even the guys on the Bridge,that you broke down on,in 1984 :) I am so proud of you........a true Woman of Honor. You truly are one of my hero's. Lorrie
Saw you for the first time at the Pier House this Wednesday and loved it so much. Many memories of my past life in Key West came back. I feel warm all over listening to you now in the frozen north, wish I could move back home.
Lenore! What a beautiful website. My thoughts never stray far from you on the Sunset Pier, when I work at the Ocean Key House years ago. I hope you are well and happy.
It is wonderful to have you back in paradise if even for just a short while. You bring back the memories of a freer state of mind. Hugs
Lenore, Just wanted you to know you brought tears to my eyes lastnight!It was so nice to see you again and to hear the music that we all love so much.The Memories filled my heart I mean that.Safe trip back home. Love and Hugs Pam
Hey girl,Miss ya. Nice site!! No gig Wed., I'll be there to see at the Pier House.Hugs Laura
Hi Lenny!! Just because I haven't seen you in ages doesn't mean I stopped thinking about you. Hope all is well. Inge says Hi too.
Now this is just yet another bizarre thing that has somehow in strange ways tied us together (SOCIALLY) I haven'tlooked here in ages... and just after Fantasy Fest you are finally coming back to Key West... and to the Peir House no less... a short stroll from the Chart Room... a favorite place. Look forward to seeing you back here again... you are missed by more than me.
Went to KW in August and were disappointed to hear you had moved. However, we live in NY, and weather permitting will come to the Hudson House this Saturday, 10/7. We met you in KW 2 yrs. ago (and your parents), and you gave me your CD. I always requested the same song! I'll pray for sunny skies on Saturday. Bring a friend visiting from Dallas. Regards, Linea Dove
Lenore: LOVE the site, thanks so much for your great writing! Hope to see you soon! Kathy Staran
Lenore, YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!! We were so pleased to have you as our surprise guest for Vik's 50th Birthday party! Of course, seeing you and Susan on the porch Friday night twenty four hours BEFORE the party may have been the biggest surprise of all. My heart rhythm is still erratic. Anyway, the night was just fabulous and thank goodness the rain held off until the next day. We're STILL cleaning the backyard and are finally taking down the palm trees. The night was truly magical. All the planets (even Pluto) aligned perfectly for Vik's party. How else can we explain all the sequence of events that happened and word still not get out to Vik? Glad we could be there for your birthday, too. AND, we all knew about your stay in Toronto. Thanks again and so looking forward to seeing you and Susan again!!! Take Care. Wear your Michigan shirt with pride. Sandy
You can't believe how much your "Friday" crew misses you! Hugs....
Hi Lenore, looking forward to hearing your new CD. We are the 2 UK guys who sent you the stamps to mail a signed copy of your CD over New Year. Sadly we have not been back to Key West again yet.There seems to have been a lot of changes there since the hurricanes. we noticed that Lighthouse Court has new owners now.LA TE DA doesn't sound as if it the same without you there. Does Mark still own it?All the best for the future to you and Susan, and hope to bump into you again somewhere , sometime. Stephen & Trevor
Just thought I'd drop you an email Ms.Lenore. I heard that you moved up to New York State with Ms. Susan. I no longer live in Key West also. Hurricane Wilma was the straw that broke the Camels back for me. I'm now living in Tampa. I miss you and I hope that your are doing well. My phone numberis still the same (305)896-0595. Say hello to Ms. Susan for me. Luv you, miss you Bongo Buck PS All of the friends that I've made up here in Tampa just love your CDs' and they can't believe that I played music with you at LA-TE-DAS
Lenore, My husband and I have seen you perform many times in Key West and have "all" of your tapes and CD's. He used to sit for hours listening to all of them and knew every word. He passed away in January and at first listening to all the music made me cry. But, I just ordered your newest CD and am looking forward to hearing it and remembering all our good times. I have bought a small place in Bonita Springs, FL and hope to fisit Key West sometime soon. Will keep up and try to know when and where you will be performing. Your music and songs have been a great enjoyment to our lives and will continue to let me enjoy the memories. Thanks, Pauline
Key West is not the same without you! Love, Ken and Sue
Hey Lenore! Let's Jam! xoxo Laura
We were just listening to Jetset to Sunset which we purchased from you on a pier where you were playing in April of 1994. We were there on our honeymoon and will always remember our wonderful time when we are taken back by this CD. Thanks so much! Love, Judy and Donald
Lenore - I'm a distant fan from the day I saw you perform at Atlantic Shores in the early 90's. I'm also the one that traded a CD for a Pirates of the Caribbean DVD with you when we had the publicity event for Pirates of the Caribbean in Key West. I'm only suggesting, you should start a MySpace.com account. It's free and great free advertising.
Hi Lenore! La-Te-Da isn't the same without you (Well Sassy is, he'll never change!) Hope to catch you sometime up in NY, don't worry, we'll bring Ty along with us! Ben & Lisa
Hey Lenore Paula and I think of you often! Hope all is well. If you are ever around Richmond, Va give us a call 804-937-2361 Much Love Donna and Paula
Hi Lenore Greetings from Brussels, Belgium. Glad to see you all alive & Well. I miss the Floridq Keys ! Love ya Chris
Keep up the good work. amazing site. all the best.
hi cuzin
I purchased Jetset about 10 years ago. I now have most of Ur CD's and listen to them often. Great Music. I've got to meet you on the next trip to Key West. I'm a diver and live in Melbourne, Florida and do get down to the keys several times a year. George / The Irishman http://www.irishmansoftware.com/bug-5.htm
Love the new CD. Make sure you record "At Last" for Volume 2. See you soon.
MERRY CHRISTMAS Lenore, and to all!!!
A great reason to return to Key West!
Enjoyed Lenore in K.W. a number of years ago. Will she be in K.W. Jan. 3-4? Will she be singing anywhere then? Let me know! Enjoying your albums and want to get the new one!
Lenore You have always been in our hearts and minds. We've been coming to Key West for 6 years and last year was the only year not to see you because we were told at Lateda'sthat you had left the keys [Which wasn't true!]Kevin and I had our Union Ceremony at Big Ruby's and invited family and friends to join us. Everyone was looking forward to hearing you sing,so fortunately we had brought all your cd's with us and played them and danced the night away after our ceremony. I am sure that if you ever get a chance to get to Denver you would be a great success.Thanks from both of us that you are part of our family and we wish you great holidays! Love Glenn&Kevin
Hey lenore! You look great! I hope you remember me from the Front desk @ Ocean Key House years ago! I will be down with a group for Barstroll 2006. I will look you up then! Hope all is well! Warren PEACE!
11/21/05- Ms. Lenore, Just to let you know that Bongo Buck is leaving the Keys. We lost our cars and wverything in the apatrtment except for the mattress, his desk top computer and my photos (from the 50s -me as a baby- to present.) I was in Miami for my job (Special Needs Shelter) but Buck was here. Chest deep water in the house and he is over it all. He had lost everything in Georges so...the last straw so to speak. He took a job with a civilian company and is going to Tampa the end of the month. I am going to try to follow with a transfer or job (still with the state) but if not I am out of here as well. His email address is modaji@comcast.com if you want to "surprise" him with a message. I will be ordering you CDs so I have your collection if/when I leave. MISS U madly and miss Susan as well. May have to come to NYC to see you :) love, hugs and mucho kisses, Misty (P.S. We saved your hats.)
What a fabulous site!! Can't wait for us to write that song together! See you Friday! Lots of love!
Wonderful new look on the site. We can't wait for the new CD...see you at Thanksgiving.
Enjoyed the "Sing for the King" concert in Key West. Your CD's are great!!
As always it was great to be a part of your show.Thank you for the great "CD" It was good seeing Mom & Dad.We will see you soon Luv to Susan...
It was fabulous to see you back in Key West recently. We greatly miss your music and your sense of fun. The new CD will keep us going until your next visit.
Dear Lenore, Thank you so much for all that you have contributed to AIDS Help, Inc.and the Doug Stripp for King campaign for Fantasy Fest. The "Sing for the King" CD is selling well, the "Sing for the King" benefit concert that you hosted last week was a smashing success and our garage sale on Saturday helped our fundraising efforts for AIDS Help immensely. Thank you for selflessly sharing your time and talents for this very important organization. You're the best of the best! Teri Johnston Campaign Manager Doug Stripp for King Campaign for AIDS Help, Inc. in Key West. PS....I've worn your new CD "You Asked For It" thin already.
Hey Lenore, Wow! New CDs and a New Site! Congratulations on both! Your website looks great. I'm looking forward to your new CD. Paula from Pgh
Hi from Ike and Karen! Good job on the new website. Glad to see you are back in town - and hard at work. I have the King and You Asked CDs in the car player - so you have been much in my thoughts. Stay well - we send our love.
I love the new look! AND the new albums!!---Sue & JC
Lenore -- it's GREAT to have you back! The new website look is fantastic! Look forward to seeing you in paradise! You are certainly missed. hugs.....terry and robin
Who's that babe on the front page? Looks cool. love Dave
Hi Lenore I check in periodically to see if your new CD is available and found a nice surprise with your new website. I think it's great!