Symptoms of Love

Smooth jazz draped in romantic vocals, mellow sax and keyboard colors will warm your heart in this wonderful collection by Lenore Troia. Her voice will take you on an inspired journey through familiar melodies and new compositions. A bit of bossa and samba keeps the rhythm flowing and your feet tapping...the lyrical expressions will keep your soul satisfied...


Sand Dancing

album cover 

Sensual vocals will beckon you to exotic places in this fresh collection of songs that mix pop, jazz, rock, calypso, and reggae.

Wild Island Night in Key West

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A clever brand of island songs that capture that wild tropical spirit that you find in Key West or any Caribbean setting. 

Jetset To Sunset

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Wonderful Calypso rhythms and clever vocals and harmonies make for a tropical treat in this collection of tunes that capture that real Island feeling. 

Fishin' You Were Here!

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Escape to the islands with this fun filled collection of socca Caribbean pop rock favorites. 

Mistletoe Island Magic

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It's a holiday in the islands! A tropical rythymn adds spice to those traditional favorites...plus an original song destined to become a seasonal classic! Spinkled with calypso, soca and reggae the island spirit is captured in this festive collection....a holiday delight!!

You Asked For It!

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An assortment of Lenore's most requested cover songs......dance favorites, love songs and piano standards all rolled into one fun collection...(available download only).